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Picominer® IoT Data Platform
Connecting Humans And Machines For A Better Life.

License: GNU GPL-v3 And Duel License.

Standards Based Solutions.

No Vendor Lock-in.

Support Licenses: Team Based.

Developer Support

Picominer® - Creating Value At The Edge


Intelligent Data loggers, DataOps, IoT Edge analytics, and Integrations to realize the value at the edge.

Intelligent Data Loggers

Configurable data loggers, and advisors for easy business integrations.

IoT Edge and DataOps

Data engineering, model development and delivery of the results.


Seamless integrations with other business functionalities and support activities.

Salient Features

The Picomner® IoT Data Platform has several features help developing performant IIoT and data analytics applications with ease.

Easy sensor integration

Faster and modular integration with a variety of sensors. E.g. Arduino sensors can be used in Modbus applications.

C/C++ implementation

The IoT data platform enables developing efficient and secure IoT edge and data applications.

IoT edge station

The platform makes flexible and feature rich IoT edge stations for industrial and lab applications.

Cloud & Federated apps

The platform architecture enables the IoT Edge stations to participate in a variety of business applications.

Powerful edge analytics

The platform has several AI/ML components for data analytics and models at the IoT edge itself.

Control over data

You have full control over the sensor data and its semantics. The data is stored in interoperable HDF5 format.

Development time

Reduces the application development time. It is easy to build and run in the lab or application environment.

Flexible licensing

Modify the software to suit the target environment for better development and run-time management.

Hire us

You may avail design, development and support services from us. Contact



Data collection from many interface boars.

  • PLC's
  • Modbus/TCP sensors
  • Arduino boards
  • Raspberry Pi boards
  • + More ...


Edge database

Data is stored in multi-dimensional DB.

  • HDF5
  • Key-Value DB
  • SQLite
  • Time-series DB
  • + More ...



Edge data processing and model execution.

  • Machine Learning
  • Rule Engines
  • Metadata Management
  • Things definitions
  • + More ...



Performant, secure and flexible.

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Immidiate Mode GUI
  • Node, JavaScript
  • + More ...



Protocols to connect with the applications.

  • MQTT
  • Websockets
  • RESTful
  • Message Queues
  • + More ...

Developer Support

A Foundation training on IoT, Data Mining and Machine Learning are included in the developer support package. The training will augment the developers in designing data centric solutions.


We offer intelligent data loggers and data advisor (ML) solutions.


We undertake IoT and edge data projects and custom application development.


We offer architecture, design and training consultancy services.

Integration Services

We offer API development and device harmonisation services.

Data Management

We offer industry standard IoT deployment and data management enabling connected processes.

Heating and Cooling Solutions

Not a new technology though! Measuring them are critical to optimize production resources.

Energy Solutions

Measuring quality of the energy is critical for better planning and maintenance of the equipments.

Tagging and Tracking

Provide consistent asset movement and empower your team with right data to serve the customers better.

Trending Applications

Alerts for operational and business deviations in near realtime for business continuity.

Connected Applications

With new data, new applications come. Integrating them with the existing business processes for improved operations.

Power Logger

Monitor the power (and quality) to the equipments providing insights for work cell, batch, shift etc., and energy KPIs of the unit.

Ambient & Utilities Logger

Ambient and utilities data in conjunction with power data provide both quantitative and qualitative view of the resources in demand management.

Data Advisor

Data advisor is a web based and desktop based application rendering model driven analytics. It can post the results to other IT/ERP systems.

Business Integrations

Floor data logger and advisor applications can easily integrate with other IT/ERP system and remote support applications.

Multi-cloud Deployments

Picominer IoT Data Platform runs on any cloud environment and thus enabling seamless integration.

Operational Data

Share data seamlessly with employees, vendors, partners and customers over complex multi-cloud environment.

Connected Applications

Picominer's IoT platform and Cloud services provide easy mechanism to realize the value of operational data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Modbus is a proven industry protocol to interface with sensors / transducers / PLCs etc., It is widely used in the automation systems. Industrial IoT (IIoT) brings all new applications connecting the assets (industrial, factory etc.,) to the digital platforms. The Picominer® platform connects the existing and/or new Modbus (TCP) based systems with the IIoT digital platforms.
Yes. Absolutely. Modbus standard is available from Get familiar with the standard first. The platform surely helps you understand the protocol. It has inbuilt Modbus/TCP server, and you really need not have a physical device to understand the protocol.
Yes. You can. It is released under GNU GPL-3.
You gain access to free training, development material, early releases, software updates. Also, you get discounts if you hire us for your projects.
No. If you need more help in your project, you can hire us on a contract or project basis.
Yes. Please do contact or for further details.
We have plans to release monthly updates. If no update is available, it will be informed to all subscribers in advance.
No. Sorry. We understand your concerns. Start small. Start with community support. Subscribe to a support package for a minimum period and see if it works for you. If you are convinced, go for 6 months to 12 months subscriptions.
Your support subscription covers updates, bug fixes, enhancements of the platform software.
No. Due to pandemic situations, we prefer remote support. Since is it software, it is easy to support remotely.
Yes. You may need additional support package licenses for your customers. Contact or for further details.
Yes. Please do contact or for further details.

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Development and maintenance of IIoT and Automation projects.


We work closely with your team and understand project objectives.


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We develop solutions that meet your project business objectives.


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